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Download The Long Wait

Choose the categories of information that you want to download. By default, all categories are automatically selected. For the most comprehensive view of the data Facebook has on you, keep all categories selected.

download The Long Wait

Select the Date Range, Format, and Media Quality of the data you want to download. In the mobile app, unlike on desktop, these options are displayed vertically.

As is obvious from the trove of information Facebook has on you, protecting your Facebook data goes beyond privacy settings and your profile page. Facebook is a giant in the tech world, and its trails of data are long and wide. You may consider clearing your browser history periodically and using an encryption tool to protect your data. And anti-tracking software can help shield your online activity and block tracking techniques like browser fingerprinting.

Since the 1920s, New Yorkers have been promised a Second Avenue subway. When the first of four planned phases opened on Manhattan's Upper East Side in 2017, subway service improved for tens of thousands of people. Riders have been delighted with the clean, quiet, and spacious new stations. Yet these types of accomplishments will not be repeated unless New Yorkers learn from their century-long struggle.

Sure, you can run headlong into the new operating system and play with all the new features as soon as they're available. That's the fun of it, right? But there are some good reasons that might stay your hand from clicking the Update button when it pops up.

Based on our experiences testing the iOS 15 beta, the third build was worse than the ones that came before it. Apps constantly crashed for no reason, and the keyboard would randomly stop working on the iPad Pro. Again, Apple's development team likely caught and addressed most of those bugs. But if you download on Day 1, you're setting yourself up to be the live version of a beta tester.

Going back to the iOS 14 example, the issue with default apps was taken care of a week later. That's the window you should look for: Wait a week, maybe two if you want to be super cautious, and then download the new iOS. By that point, most of the early bugs in the overall OS and individual apps should be worked out.

While a certain amount of caution can help you avoid headaches, you shouldn't be overcautious either. Delaying updates to your operating system for too long can also leave you vulnerable to security flaws. Any operating system updates that are related to security issues -- like the iOS 14.8 update released earlier this week -- are important to install as soon as possible to keep your device secure.

Hai @ysh325If your activity will take exactly 15 or 20 mins you can just change the timeoutMS in property panel or you can go with OnElementAppear activity by a proper selector after download is completed.

Does File Change Trigger work for anyone? When I use File Change Trigger, the trigger occurs too soon. The trigger thinks my file is there but it is still downloading. I am download files from sharepoint and google drive.

You should include additional logic to only start working on the file if it is fully downloaded. One idea would be to create a loop that checks if the size of the file stopped increasing and is stable.

TSA screenings are detailed checks that can cause high wait times. Download My TSA application to check and post airport delays reported by fellow travelers in real time, confirm what items can be brought through security, and review other tips for travelers from TSA.

Travelers crossing land boarders can download the Border Wait Time application to access wait times. Wait times are updated hourly and listed for commercial vehicles, passenger vehicles and pedestrians.

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) wants to keep you safe when you fly. Security screening must be thorough and sometimes these detailed checks cause lines. The TSA provides you with the data online to check airport security wait times so that you know what to expect when you travel.

The Customs and Border Protection (CBP) also has estimated wait times for border crossings between Canada and the U.S., Mexico and the U.S. and other land borders. The wait times are updated hourly and listed for commercial vehicles, passenger vehicles and pedestrians.

Travelers can find information including crowd-sourced airport security wait times at our mobile My TSA application. Here, you will be able to check and post airport delays reported by fellow travelers in real time, confirm what items you can bring through security and review other tips for travelers from TSA.

For those of you who want to upgrade to Windows 11 now and have not received an official notification from Microsoft, do not be lured into a fake version. Fakes could come with a big dose of malware and other harmful elements. To avoid them, only purchase and download from Microsoft if you are not already running Windows 10. Do not follow any links you see on social media or that you have received in an email. There are no legitimate means to jump the line, so be patient.

We recommend waiting for the first big update to iOS 16 before upgrading. The good news is that iOS 16.1 was released back in October 2021, so we would suggest that most users, with compatible iPhones, should now upgrade from iOS 15.

I had the same problem. I invented something to solve the problem. A tempt file is created by Python with '.part' extension. So, if still we have the temp, python can wait for 10 second and check again if the file is downloaded or not yet.

To help customers plan visits to your business, Google may show information such as popular times, live visit information, wait times, and typical visit duration. This data appears below your regular business information on Google Maps and Search.

The problem with long updates, Microsoft claimed, is most prevalent on devices running Windows 10; those systems require substantially larger updates than Windows 11. Microsoft reduced the size of updates for Windows 11 by 40% through compression technology, thereby cutting time and bandwidth requirements for updates," a Microsoft software engineer and program manager wrote in an October 2021 blog post.

If your wages in the last 18 months are solely from Kansas, you can file online at If you have wages from states other than Kansas in the last 18 months, I can transfer you to an intake representative to take your claim now. Please know that you will have to wait to speak to an intake representative.

It may take a week or more to get a replacement Social Security card. You can ask your local SSA office to provide you with a printout of your information that you can provide to us while you wait for the duplicate card to be issued. Your local Social Security office can be found in the U.S. (Federal) Government section of the phone book.

Your user name and password must be at least six characters long. You may use numbers, letters and symbols in your user name password. Your user name and password should be something you can remember and others cannot guess.

Your PIN must be four-digits long. Do not use repeated numbers like 1111 or numbers in a sequence like 1234. Your PIN identifies you to the system. Your PIN, along with your Social Security number, is your electronic signature. This helps prevent another person from obtaining information about your claim or claiming your unemployment benefits.

Yes, you should file a claim each week as long as you remain unemployed. If your case is cleared for payment and you have met all eligibility requirements, you'll get back payments for any weeks you claimed and were eligible to receive, in one lump sum.

We'll send you a letter of determination that says you've been approved for unemployment benefits or explains why we've denied your claim. If we deny your claim, the letter includes information about how to appeal and where to send your appeal. If you are denied and you decide to file an appeal, you'll get a copy of all the documentation we used to make our decision. During your appeal, you should continue to file weekly claims as long as you remain unemployed.

By filing by spreadsheet, the employer is able to submit the application for unemployment insurance benefits for all employees. They will have the opportunity to provide all information at once instead of responding to individual requests for information from KDOL. This also allows employers direct access to one of Employer Relations Specialists to answer their questions instead of waiting on hold at our UI Contact Center. The process saves time for employers while helping claimants receive benefits faster and easier!

On our website, you will find a Layoff/Shared Work Template for you to download, fill in, and then upload to our website. When you are ready to upload, you can use your existing Unemployment Tax Username and password. If you do not have one, you can register online.

Please continue to file for unemployment benefits as soon as you become unemployed. Your claim is effective the week you file and the waiting week will be served for the first eligible week of unemployment.

It depends on the type and timing of the training. A claimant in an approved training course is eligible to receive unemployment benefits as long as they continue to meet all the requirements of that program, reporting progress as requested. A claimant taking classes that are not classified as approved training must continue to look for work and be available for work in order to receive unemployment benefits, even if this interferes with their class schedule.

Potentially. You are eligible as long as you receive a payment. Benefits withheld to repay a debt is considered a payment. You may receive FPUC even though all of your regular benefit was withheld for debt.

Potentially. As long as you meet the requirements of exhausting state unemployment and otherwise not having a claim for benefits, and your prior claim was filed on or after July 8, 2018, then you may be eligible. 350c69d7ab


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