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By Forces Unseen: How Ernest Earick Changed the World of Card Magic with His Innovative Sleight-of-Hand

By Forces Unseen: The Innovative Card Magic of Ernest Earick

If you are a card magician who loves to explore the cutting edge of sleight-of-hand, you have probably heard of By Forces Unseen, a book by Stephen Minch that reveals the secrets of Ernest Earick, one of the most creative and skillful card magicians of his generation. But what is By Forces Unseen exactly? Why is it considered a classic and a must-read for serious card workers? And what can you learn from it? In this article, we will answer these questions and more, as we take a closer look at this remarkable book and its author.

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Who is Ernest Earick?

Ernest Earick is a card magician who was born in 1950 in Ohio. He became interested in magic at an early age, and learned from books, magazines, and local magicians. He developed his own style of card magic, based on his love for gambling routines, mathematical principles, and visual effects. He was also influenced by some of the great card magicians of his time, such as Dai Vernon, Ed Marlo, Larry Jennings, Ken Krenzel, and Steve Freeman.

Earick was not a professional magician, but rather a hobbyist who performed mainly for his friends and fellow magicians. He was also very secretive about his methods, and rarely published or lectured on his material. He preferred to keep his magic underground, and only shared it with a few trusted confidants. He was known for his incredible sleight-of-hand skills, his originality and ingenuity, and his ability to create stunning effects with minimal props and preparation.

What is By Forces Unseen?

By Forces Unseen is a book that was written by Stephen Minch and published by Hermetic Press in 1993. It contains 85 entries that describe the card magic of Ernest Earick in detail. The book is divided into two parts: Part One: Tight Tricks and a Loose Sleight, which contains 18 effects and one technique; and Part Two: See Them Shuffling Along, which contains 15 effects that involve shuffles or false shuffles.

The book is illustrated with drawings by Kelly Lyles, based on pre-illustration photography by Miller Cravens Jr. The book also includes an introduction by Michael Weber, a foreword by Darwin Ortiz, an afterword by Steve Freeman, and an index of sleights.

By Forces Unseen is not a book for beginners or casual readers. It assumes that the reader has a solid foundation in card magic and is familiar with many standard sleights and terms. It also requires a lot of practice and dedication to master the material, as some of the effects and techniques are very challenging and demanding. However, for those who are willing to put in the effort, the book offers a wealth of knowledge and inspiration that can take their card magic to a new level.

Why is By Forces Unseen important?

By Forces Unseen is important for several reasons. First, it is one of the few sources that reveal the card magic of Ernest Earick, who was a genius and a legend in the field. By reading this book, you can learn from his methods, his thinking, and his vision. You can also appreciate his contributions to the art and history of card magic, and his influence on other magicians and authors.

Second, it is a book that showcases some of the most innovative and advanced card magic ever created. The effects and techniques in this book are not only impressive and deceptive, but also original and ingenious. They demonstrate Earick's mastery of sleight-of-hand, his understanding of mathematics and psychology, and his creativity and imagination. They also challenge and expand the boundaries of what is possible with a deck of cards.

Third, it is a book that can inspire and motivate you to improve your own card magic. By studying this book, you can learn new skills, new concepts, and new principles that can enrich your repertoire and your understanding. You can also discover new ways to approach problems, to solve challenges, and to create effects. You can also develop your own style and voice, by adapting, modifying, or combining the ideas in this book.

Main Content

Overview of By Forces Unseen

Part One: Tight Tricks and a Loose Sleight

This part contains 18 effects and one technique that cover a variety of themes and plots. Some of the effects are:

  • Captrap: A visual transposition of two cards that are trapped between two jokers.

  • Proteus: A prediction effect where the spectator freely cuts to any card, which matches a card that was previously placed in the card case.

  • Jack.Syna(ps)ces: A four-ace production where the spectator cuts to four jacks, which change into four aces.

  • Lonely at the Top: A sandwich effect where two kings capture a selected card that is on top of the deck.

  • Thought Manifest: A mind-reading effect where the magician divines a card that the spectator merely thinks of.

  • Bureau d'Echange: A coin and card transposition where a coin under a card changes places with a card under a glass.

  • Kato-n ine- tails: A multiple selection routine where nine cards are found in various ways.

  • A Flippant Triumph: A triumph effect where the cards are mixed face-up and face-down, then all turn face-down except for the selected card.

  • Bottomland Aces: An ace assembly where four aces travel from different packets to one packet on the bottom of the deck.

The technique that is taught in this part is:

  • The Longitudinal Swivel Steal: A versatile move that allows you to secretly steal or switch a card from the top or bottom of the deck.

Part Two: See Them Shuffling Along

This part contains 15 effects that involve shuffles or false shuffles. Some of the effects are:

  • Cross Purposes: A gambling demonstration where the magician deals himself four aces from a shuffled deck, then switches them with four indifferent cards held by the spectator.

  • Lustig for Life: A coincidence effect where two spectators shuffle two halves of the deck, then cut to matching cards.

  • One Shuffie-One Winner: A poker deal where the magician deals himself a royal flush from a shuffled deck.

  • Poker Blind: A poker deal where the magician deals himself four kings from a shuffled deck, then changes them into four aces.

  • Tandem in One: A false shuffle that retains the order of the entire deck while appearing to mix it thoroughly.

  • The Case of the Inconstant Player: A gambling demonstration where the magician deals himself four different hands from a shuffled deck, each one better than the previous one.

Highlights of By Forces Unseen

Some of the most impressive effects and techniques

There are many effects and techniques in this book that are impressive and deceptive, but here are some of the ones that stand out:

  • Proteus: This effect is one of the most baffling predictions ever devised. The spectator has complete freedom to cut to any card in the deck, yet it matches a card that was placed in the card case before anything happened. The method is based on a brilliant mathematical principle that allows you to control any card with minimal handling.

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