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Sinhala Lama Kathandara Pdf 56

Sinhala Lama Kathandara Pdf 56: A Collection of Classic Sinhala Stories

Sinhala Lama Kathandara Pdf 56 is a book that contains 56 stories in Sinhala language for children and adults alike. These stories are based on folk tales, legends, fables, Buddhist teachings, and historical events. They are written in a simple and engaging style that can capture the imagination and interest of the readers.

sinhala lama kathandara pdf 56

The book is available for free download from a website that provides Sinhala literature and culture resources. The book is in PDF format and can be easily accessed on any device. The book has a total of 224 pages and each story is accompanied by an illustration. The book is divided into six categories: Jana Katha (People's Stories), Andarege Katha (Andare's Stories), Bauddha Katha (Buddhist Stories), Mahadhanamuththage Katha (Mahadhanamuththa's Stories), Adarshamatha Katha (Idealistic Stories), and Suranganavi Katha (Fairy Tales).

Some of the stories in the book are:

  • Helaya: A story about a clever boy who outwits a greedy king and saves his village from famine.

  • Hoda Wade: A story about a kind-hearted man who helps a poor woman and receives a reward from a fairy.

  • Awul (Owl): A story about an owl who learns a lesson from a wise monkey.

  • Mama Kolamba Kakkek: A story about a crow who pretends to be a city crow and gets into trouble.

  • Athurumithuru: A story about four friends who share their talents and overcome their difficulties.

The book is suitable for anyone who loves Sinhala stories and wants to learn more about Sinhala culture and values. The book can also help improve the reading and writing skills of Sinhala learners. The book is a treasure trove of wisdom, humor, adventure, and inspiration that can enrich the minds and hearts of the readers.

If you are interested in reading Sinhala Lama Kathandara Pdf 56, you can download it from the link below:

You can also watch some of the stories in animated form on YouTube or read them on your smartphone using an app. Enjoy!


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