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Larry Blunt
Larry Blunt

Cómo jugar a Call of Duty Warzone Mobile en tu dispositivo Android: Descarga el APK gratis aquí

There are major differences between Call of Duty APK China and Call of Duty APK global. Although some may find it a small difference but gamers who began their gaming journey with the call of duty, can find it annoying.

call of duty warzone mobile descargar apk

Download apk:

The health and armor interface has also been changed considerably in the Chinese APK version of Call of Duty. There are now three bars in the armor interface, which the gamer can fill up by either buying them or getting them from various locations in the game. Now the users can buy and wear the armor instantly without having to worry about the arming level. Honestly, I am loving the call of duty mobile Chinese version beta and APK.

POR FAVOR, POR FAVOR, tenga la amabilidad de decirle que este juego de héroe de call of duty es un juego muy exitoso y demasiado real para verlo usted mismo ????????????????


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