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[S2E15] Shortcomings

Angel is becoming increasingly isolated and depressed as incidents conspire to remind him of his failures and shortcomings. He asks Kate for information on whatever is happening or at least file some charges against the firm but Kate bitterly refuses, telling him she's stuck on desk duty pending an disciplinary hearing due to Atkinson lodging a complaint against her for allowing Angel into his office. Angel apologizes, but Kate isn't done and tells him that she's now seen evidence that Darla and Drusilla didn't break into the wine cellar where they killed the Wolfram & Hart lawyers but out of it. Realizing that Angel locked the lawyers in to be killed, Kate tells him not to expect her help ever again.

[S2E15] Shortcomings


Greater Meaning: Instead of flashbacks which focus on Claire's life before crashing onto the island, we get flashbacks from her time as Ethan's prisoner. In every case before this, the flashbacks have served a few purposes within the narrative: 1. general background on the character; 2. specific background in terms of mistakes, shortcomings, or trouble with relationships; and now, 3. connections between characters known or unknown before the crash of Oceanic 815. Claire's flashbacks of being held captive by Ethan don't really give us any additional information about her, other than showing that she was likely drugged during her captivity, and through conversations with Ethan implied that she still planned to give Aaron up--- but to whom?

Cristal was patient at a hospital in Mexico when she met Celia Machado, a volunteer at the hospital. When Cristal heard about Celia's shortcomings in Venezuela, and her dream to come to America, Cristal gave Celia her identity so she could start a new life. Cristal thought her life was over and didn't think she would need her identity much longer.[7] At an unknown point, Cristal moved to the United States and began working at a health and wellness center in Sedona, Arizona.[8]

I felt like I was constantly walking uphill, burdened by adult supervision and the task of becoming a child that would live up to these new standards set before me. I felt like I was always being watched, always criticized for my shortcomings, never being understood. This feeling followed me far into adulthood and hindered me from developing an identity that I was confident in. 041b061a72


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