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Mila 7yo 13 'LINK'

Water-based formulas such as Piggy Paint or Klee Kids Peelable Polish are our favorites for this metric, both with scores of 9 out of 10. They each have one of the shortest ingredients lists that give us pause. ella+mila Mommy & Me Set polishes are the most like a traditional lacquer. But they still claim to be a whopping 17-free. However, they are the lowest-scoring for this metric, with a score of 3.

mila 7yo 13

We found that ella+mila has the fastest dry time and the most consistent application on the first try, eliminating the need for two layers. Karma Kids has an average dry time but only needs one coat. Using SuncoatGirl colors may test a toddler's patience with sheer coverage and slow dry time.

The donor is another person who shares the same or similar genetic type as your child. This is often a brother or sister. Finding a matching donor can be a lengthy process. In some cases, a parent may be a donor. Or the donor may be a matched unrelated donor (MUD) found on a bone marrow registry. Stem cells are taken from the donor either by apheresis or bone marrow harvest.

If the ALL recurs (comes back) during or after treatment, the child will most likely be treated again with chemotherapy. Much of the treatment strategy depends on how soon the leukemia returns after the first treatment. If the relapse occurs after a long time, the same drugs might still be effective, so the same or similar treatment may be used to try to get the leukemia into a second remission.


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