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The Only Thing They Fear Is You Ending Loop Doom Eternal OST(1 Hour)

id Software should be praised to infinity for they have accomplished with this game. DOOM Eternal is one of the greatest video games that I have ever played. DOOM Eternal is my favorite game of the decade and tied as my favorite piece of media ever. It pushes the FPS genre forward in mechanics and presentation. It is the mechanical masterpiece that many passionate studios should take inspiration from. It's the only game where I can really put myself into the zone because of how incredible the combat system is and how everything clicks. You know how in Pixar's Soul, Joe Gardner puts himself into the zone playing piano? Well that's literally me playing DOOM Eternal. I'm out here playing the fuckin keyboard. Steam says that I have 370 hours played and it is my second most played game behind CS:GO(858 hours. I've played the game religiously since 2015.). It's a game that I keep loving more and more with every playthrough. I'd say without content creator, Under the Mayo, I wouldn't be adoring this game to death as much as I do now. He's been the most helpful when it comes to this game with strats, combos, and opened my eyes even more. I don't know how to feel. The future is looking bleak for video games ever since because it will be nigh impossible for a game to hold a candle. Only game as of now to come close is Ultrakill, but that will be one in a million and it's currently in early access. DOOM Eternal is a game that never left my mind even a year after its release. It's clear that Hugo Martin and all of id Software come from a place of passion when making this game and I can see that passion oozing throughout my 17 playthroughs of this game. If you feel overwhelmed playing it, keep trudging through (lower the difficulty if you want to, the choice is yours and no one is/should be shaming you for doing so) until you get into the swing of things, and you'll experience one of the most graceful, orgasmic, euphoric gameplay loops that has ever been put in a video game. I cannot recommend it enough, especially on PC. It's got an active modding community with new ambitious mods (randomizers, Brawler mode, master levels from fans, horde mode) making the game feel even more fresh than the game already is. What can I say except "DOOM Eternal is a masterpiece?" I'm eager to play this game again and again and I can't wait to see what id Software pulls of in the future because if they made a game this good, I don't know how they can top themselves.

The Only Thing They Fear is You Ending Loop Doom Eternal OST(1 Hour)

Office of the former Colonial MagistrateMar Sara ColonyThree hours after colonial evacuationAdjutant: Your tenure as Colonial Magistrate is suspended, pending an official Investigation of your affiliation with the Sons of Korhal. Receiving incoming transmission...Jim Raynor: Hey, man. Arcturus' boys sprung me from the prison ship. Apparently, they're as frustrated with the Confederate as we are! I know their reputation, but they seem to be on the level. I think Arcturus wanted to speak with you...Arcturus Mengsk: Commander, Mar Sara is almost completely overrun by the Zerg. The Confederates are abandoning the planet, and so are we. However, there is one thing I'd like to do before we leave.Arcturus Mengsk: I want you to raid this colony's Confederate outpost and retrieve whatever design or weapons' schematics that you can find in their networks. With the chaos of the Confederates' evacuation, you shouldn't have any trouble getting in or out of their installation.Jim Raynor: I'm into it.

Main Protoss base on the planet ShakurasArtanis: This entire chain of events has been masterminded by Kerrigan, and we played right into her hands!Zeratul: Yes we did, Artanis. Yet our course is set nonetheless. Using the Temple's energies against the renegade Zerg may accomplish Kerrigan's aims, but it is still our only chance of survival.Raszagal: And survive we will, my warriors. For too long have we labored in futile defense as our enemies push us further and further away from victory. The time has come to let loose the full fury of our powers! Never again shall Shakuras be despoiled by the foul touch of alien species! These Zerg shall be the first to fall before us!Zeratul: Matriarch, I have served you for many millennia. I have always valued your wisdom and strength. Yet lately, in your mind, I have sensed something that clouds your true spirit. Though Kerrigan has gone, I wonder if her treachery still remains?Raszagal: Be at ease, Zeratul. I am still the same Raszagal you have always known. These recent events have weighed heavily upon me and I am wearied. But fear not; my warrior spirit will shine before you, and light your path to victory.Zeratul: Indeed.Artanis: The time for action is upon us! The crystals must be taken to the Temple while the Zerg still muster their forces. I shall carry the Uraj myself, while Zeratul handles the Khalis.Raszagal: Executor, you shall provide escort for Artanis and Zeratul as they make their way to the Temple. Gods willing, we will channel the energies of the Zel'naga, and scour this world clean of the Zerg! Go now, my children, and know that the survival of our entire race depends upon your actions!

Command ship Hyperion, orbiting the planet MoriaFenix: Now that the Psi Disrupter has been destroyed and Kerrigan has regained control of her minions, I fear that she will forget our pact and turn on us.Raynor: I know what you mean, Fenix. I'd love to believe that she's on the level, but there's a part of me that just knows better. However, I do believe that she's serious about taking out the UED. The only real question left is what happens to us when she wins.Mengsk: If you ask me, she's completely untrustworthy. But, so long as she'll help me retake Korhal, I'll work with her.Raynor: Shut up, Arcturus. If I wanted your damn opinion, I would've beaten it out of ya'. And in case of forgot, you're the reason she became what she is in the first place!Kerrigan appearsKerrigan: You boys should really learn to play nice with each other.Fenix: Kerrigan, are your forces ready to assault Korhal as we planned?Kerrigan: Nearly. I still need a substantial cache of resources in order to build up my primary hive clusters. I'm wondering if you gentlemen wouldn't mind going on a fuel raid for me?Raynor: It sounds like you've already got a plan. What are ya' thinkin'?Kerrigan: I'm thinking that we should pay the Kel-Morian Combine a little visit. Moria is one of the largest resources nodes in the sector. If you can bypass their defenses, and steal enough resources from them, we'll be able to afford a full-scale assault on Korhal.Raynor: It's risky, but I think we can handle it. Fenix, are you into this?Fenix: If it betters our chances, I will lead the assault myself.Raynor: Great. Let's get moving.Fenix, Raynor and Mengsk disappear and Duran appearsDuran: Do you think they suspect anything, my Queen?Kerrigan: Of course. They aren't stupid, Duran. They're siding with the evil they know over the evil they don't... They simply don't yet realize what it will cost them.

  • Myths & Religion According to some esoteric teachings (refer to A New Model of the Universe by Peter Ouspensky), this is what the Reincarnation and the Eternal Recurrence are actually all about: when you die, you are not reborn in some other body, you are reborn in your own at the moment of your own birth, destined to relive your own life in an endless cycle. This is also the purported explanation of the déjà vu.

  • There is a Japanese version of hell called Naraku where you are doomed to constantly repeat your sins for all eternity.

  • President Brigham Young of the Latter-day Saints, speculated this was the final and ultimate punishment for the sons of perdition for rejecting the Holy Spirit. Cast into outer darkness for an inconceivably long time, the duration they spend there begins to outweigh all God's love of the ages of pre-existence and mortal years on Earth. They're decomposing, soul and body, and about to thwart the will of God and his plan for salvation (impossible). This causes a Time Crash for them, and they're sent straight back to the very beginning of time to start all over again, in the creator's hope of securing some form of communion and glory with them. Most will be stuck in this cycle for time unfathomable; others like Satan and Cain, will probably be trapped in this eternal loop forever.

  • Podcasts Zig-Zagged in the Alice Isn't Dead episode "Alice," where the truck-driving Character Narrator repeatedly encounters the mobile, looping Vanishing Village of Charlatan, where residents are perpetually reenacting the same motions, but in increasingly bizarre and disturbing contexts. First they behave normally, then stay frozen in their places while covered in muck, then exist in a total inferno while burning to death, then finally compulsively weep in a normal environment, but in the final visit, one of the townsfolk attempts to escape. In a peculiar variation, the Narrator isn't able to make sense of the loop's cause, or understand what triggered her own escape.Narrator: I don't know what this meant. I only know that its meaning does not include me. I am not necessary to it.

  • The Adventure Zone: Balance's fifth arc, "The Eleventh Hour", has the party travel to a bubble of time in order to retrieve the Temporal Chalice. When they get there, they find themselves in the town of Refuge, which is repeating the same hour over and over again. At noon in each loop, the entire town is inexplicably destroyed, with only the party remembering what happened in the previous loops. In order to retrieve the Chalice, they have to figure out how to break the loop and stop the town from being destroyed at noon.

  • Find Us Alive has an unusual, complex example: The loop lasts just over 32 days, with the BC2 wing re-collapsing every time the loop resets. However, the loop doesn't affect organic matter (or SCP-6320-related effects); plants continue to grow, memories and injuries persist over resets, and all deaths are final. Later, Harley discovers that tattoos persist across resets too.



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