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Snappy Piem

Snappy here refers to quick movements without using full force. Snapped here means saying harsh biting words to someone. In this poem you would find many words which are similar to snappy and snapped. This adds more words to the poems sound. We understand that Apo's father was a strict disciplinarian and wanted his son to follow the rules.

Snappy Piem

From the lives of our early settlers, who established the foundations for American freedoms and ideals, to today's celebrations, P is for Pilgrim colorfully examines the history and lore of Thanksgiving through snappy poems and expository sidebar text for each letter of the alphabet. Educators will find the inclusion of the Core Values of Democracy of valuable use for the classroom while kids of all ages will enjoy the bright, engaging illustrations and fascinating facts. Lecturer and book reviewer Carol Crane was widely recognized by many schools and educators for her expertise in children's literature. She wrote several state books for Sleeping Bear Press including Texas (L is for Lone Star) and South Carolina (P is for Palmetto). Helle Urban, a Parker, Colorado resident, has been an illustrator for over 20 years. She earned her bachelor of fine arts in illustration from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA. Helle has illustrated numerous children's books, painted portraits of families, and was a background artist in the animation industry.

This delightful collection of poems includes fun rhymes about the creatures who live in and around the ocean. Children will delight in the snappy poems and colorful illustrations about whales, walruses, penguins, polar bears, stingrays, and sharks.

Feel the Beat: Dance Poems that Zing from Salsa to Swing I absolutely adore this book. Children will love this collection of short snappy poems about dance. Each one hold the rhythm of the music and the book includes a variety of cultures and traditions. The text comes with a CD of music because no doubt the poems will make everyone want to get up and dance!

A frequent picture-book author-illustrator offers 21 snappy poems about animals, each depicted in a square, dynamically composed watercolor. The succinctly phrased verse is fresh, occasionally whimsical, and witty with wordplay and puns (``The pounding spatter/Of salty sea/Makes the walrus/Walrusty'' is accompanied by a picture of a resigned looking old specimen in shades of rust). Sly humor pervades the pictures as much as the verse: the anteater's one-way arrow for ``A thousand termites riding in/But no one riding out''; a mega-clawed ``underwater/Mobster'' lobster (``So be careful/On vacation/Not to step on/This crustacean''); ant tunnels that spell ``Ant City''; a caterpillar (``not a cat'') that has chewed a cat- shaped hole in a leaf; a sloth so indolent that flowers sprout beneath its chin. Subtle, sophisticated, and quite charming. (Poetry/Picture book. 4-10)ers sprout beneath its chin. Subtle, sophisticated, and quite charming. (Poetry/Picture book. 4-10) 041b061a72


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